Cessna 172

The Cessna 172 Skyhawk is a 4-seat piston single-engine basic trainer. The aircraft has a fixed landing gear, fixed pitch propeller and is ideally suited as an initial training aircraft. Par Avion Flight Training operates six of these aircraft, three of which are “S” model 172s. These are current-model aircraft with advanced King Avionics systems.

4 seat trainer
Initial pilot training
Private Pilot Licence
Instructor Ratings
Cruising speed 115 kt
Global Positioning System (GPS) equipped
We also have available some M and P model 172’s
We have one G1000 aircraft

Cessna 206

The Cessna 206 Stationair is a 6-seat piston single-engine aircraft. The aircraft has fixed landing gear, constant speed propeller and is used primarily for Commercial Pilot training and for flights into the remote South West of Tasmania. With the benefit of the large double opening rear doors passengers can be easily loaded or the aircraft can be converted to carry large items of freight that would not fit into other aircraft of a similar size. 200-series Cessna time can be very useful experience to have gained when applying for your first aviation position.

6 seat advanced trainer
Commercial Pilot Licence trainer
Cruising speed 130 kt
Low Level Endorsement Trainer
Constant Speed Unit (CSU) Endorsement Trainer

Beechcraft Duchess

The Beechcraft Duchess if a 4 seat, twin engine, “all weather” aircraft, specially designed for multi-engine training and instrument ratings.

Par Avion have two of these aircraft.
Passenger Seats up to 3
Twin Engine Trainer
Multi Engine Training (Night VFR and IFR)
Cruising speed 145 kt
Range 500 nm / 1100 km
GPS Equipped
Retractable Undercarriage
Cabin: Non-Pressurised
Baggage Capacity: Rear

Britten Norman Islander

The Britten Norman Islander aircraft is a 10 seat, twin engine, “all weather” aircraft, specially designed to operate to and from remote airfields such as Melaleuca in Tasmania’s remote southwest.

Par Avion have two of these aircraft, used for scenic flights, as well as charter throughout Tasmania. These aircraft are also available for type endorsements.
Passenger Seats up to 9
Short Take Off and Landing (STOL) Aircraft
Multi Engine Training (Night VFR and IFR)
Cruising speed 130 kt
Range 500 nm / 1100 km
GPS Equipped
Cabin: Non-Pressurised
Baggage Capacity: Rear

Piper Navajo

The PA31 Piper Navajo is an excellent charter aircraft that provides one of the most comfortable cabins in its class. A popular aircraft for up to 7 passengers that require charter flights within Tasmania and beyond. It can be utilised equally well for freight charter.

Multi-engine training
IFR training / Instrument Rating renewal
Commercial ICUS
Weather Radar equipped
Passenger Seats: Up to 7
Range: 615nm + / 1,110 Km +
Cruising Speed: 180 kt
Cabin: Non-Pressurised / Air-conditioned
Baggage Capacity: Forward / Rear / Wing Lockers
We also have Piper “Chieftains” available

Piper Chieftain

Cessna 404 Titan


Passenger seats up to 5
Cruise 110Knts
Range 350nm

R44 Clipper II

Passenger seats up to 3
Cruise 100Knts
Range 300nm